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Chihuahua/Pekingese Mix

Jasmine is a pet rescue she became part of our Family when she was just a puppy at

5 weeks old. That was 18 years ago, she has grown up with the daycare her whole life.

Jasmine is very loving, well mannered, kind and gentle hearted.

Now a day's Jasmine will come downstairs for her occasional loves & hugs from the daycare, but then she will make her way back upstairs to her quiet zone. 

Jasmine is current on all her shots.

Unfortunately My Jazy is no longer with us. She passed August 2018.

she is missed and loved everyday. 


Labrador Retriever

Bailey became part of our Family when she was just a puppy at 8 weeks old. That was

9 years ago, she was a birthday present from my husband. 

Bailey adores the kids and they adore her, she is absolutely amazing with them.

In fact these are her children.

Bailey is very loving, attentive, kind & gentle. Kids absolutely adore her.

Bailey is with the daycare All of the time., Its very common that you will find the kids cuddled up with her or even using her as a pillow at times.

Bailey is current on all her shots.   

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